Heartwork Competitions

Day 01

2nd December 2016

Best Black & Grey (Small A5 size, Fresh piece only)

Best Color (Small A5 size, Fresh piece only)

Best Tribal (Polynesian, Maori, Abstract) (Healed/Fresh)

Best of the day (Fresh Piece only)

Day 02

3rd December 2016

Best Black & Grey (big A4+)

Best Color (big A4+)

Best Realism (Healed/Fresh)

Best of the day (Fresh Piece only)

Day 03

4th December 2016

Best Oriental tattoo (Healed/Fresh)

Best Geometric/Dotwork tattoo (Healed/Fresh)

Best Religious tattoo (Healed/Fresh)

Best of the day(Fresh Piece only)

Best of the show (Fresh Piece only)

  • Competition fees will be Rs. 500 per entry.
  • Entries will not be entertained after 5 p.m.
  • Competition starts at 6.p.m.

Contestant info & Rules


*** 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place awards & certificates will be given for most categories.

*** Contest registration is at the main stage prior to competitions.

*** You CAN NOT enter your tattoo into more than 3 categories/ you can only enter the same tattoo thrice, no exceptions.

*** It will cost Rs. 500 to enter each category. The entry fee is NON REFUNDABLE!!

*** Be sure to be present 30 minutes prior to competing. No refunds for no shows!

*** Tattoos can be Fresh or Healed for all categories except for Best of the Day & Best of the show.

*** Only Fresh tattoos done by a participating artist can enter the competitions for Best of the Day & Best of the show.

*** Tattoo Of The Day tattoos must be properly cleaned up and presentable (i.e. not seeping or bleeding).

*** Tattoo Of The Day competitors must have your tattoo done by an Attending Heartwork Tattoo Artist that day of the fest.

*** Tattoo of the Day will have only one trophy that will be given daily.

*** Heartwork festival is not responsible for any damaged items entered in competitions, or hurt feelings resulting from any competitions.

*** By entering Heartwork and HeartworkTattoo Competitions you release CSG ltd. of any and all legalities stemming from copyrighted tattoos, artwork, material or anything in regards to copyrighted tattoos, photographs, clothing or anything else deemed copyrighted or trademarked.

*** CSG Ltd. is not legally responsible for attendees falsifying artist information upon registration or during competitions.

** If a tattoo artist or creator of tattoo artwork does not want their work to be entered in competitions, photographed and displayed or any other visual appreciation at Heartwork festival, it is their legal responsibility to let the client/ wearer know this and take appropriate actions to ensure that the client does not enter competitions. The client takes full responsibility for future legalities stemming from such an issue and holds Heartwork festival harmless.

*** Any and all photos taken of tattoos at Heartwork festival by official Heartwork Tattoo Festival photographers are solely the property of CSG Ltd.